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The IPNV data set contains the public part of a collection of interviews collected by the Dutch Veteran Institute. They contain stories covering almost all conflicts and military missions where the Netherlands were involved. The public part of this collection of about 500 interviews was made available via the internet the non-public part. For CLARIN the data was curated by the DCS (http://dev.clarin.nl/node/1963) in May 2013.


The IPNV Corpus is a corpus originally compiled by the Veteraneninstituut (VI). It comprises a collection of more than 1100 (recorded) interviews with veterans who were involved in wars and other military actions that the Dutch military forces took part in. The average duration of an interview is 2.5 hours. Most interviews are with veterans of World War II, the decolonization wars with Indonesia and New Guinea, the UN action in Korea, the UN observe mission in Lebanon, UN missions in Cambodia and former Yugoslavia, and the NATO missions in Iraq and Aghanistan. Some 100 interviews are with veterans who were involved in small-scale observation, monitoring and humanitarian missions. In the INTER-VIEWs project (http://dev.clarin.nl/node/1915) 246 of the interviews were curated: the audio recordings (in WAV format) of the interviews were transferred to DANS and the metadata were made available in CMDI/ISOcat format. The data and metadata can be accessed through the EASY system.

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