CLAPOP - The Dutch CLARIN Portal Pages

Please note that this web-site is no longer actively maintained and is largely superseded by the CLARIAH web-site that also offers references to more recent released services and data. This web-site is kept available for now as an archive and reference of the services and data created in the CLARIN NL and the CLARIAH core projects.


CLAPOP is the portal of the Dutch CLARIN community. It brings together all relevant resources that were or are being created within the CLARIN NL and the CLARIAH core projects and that now are part of the Dutch CLARIN infrastructure or, that were created by other projects but are essential for the functioning of the Dutch CLARIN infrastructure.
CLARIN-NL has closely cooperated with CLARIN Flanders in a number of projects. The common results of this cooperation and the results of this cooperation created by CLARIN Flanders are included here as well.

CLAPOP offers

  • An inventory of Dutch CLARIN tools and services that can be selected via facets that reflect important aspects of the tools and services [Services]
  • An inventory of Dutch CLARIN data that can be selected via facets that reflect important aspects of the data [Data]
  • A summary of Dutch CLARIN centres [Centres]
  • A selection of tools to find relevant resources in CLARIN using metadata and content search [Find Data]
  • A series of pages with recipes to do the most often used language data manipulation and processing actions, as well as educational packages to teach or learn working with the relevant services and data. [CLARIN recipes]
  • A system to ask advice from colleagues about CLARIN tools and services issues. [Colleagues&Advice] (only available when logged in)
CLAPOP supports the CLARIN standard: a federated login with your own instititute's account (currently only through your CLARIN website account. Use federated login in the upper menu bar.

Accounts & Authentication

Logging into the CLAPOP will allow you to contact and interact with your (CLARIN) colleagues and use other CLARIN services linked to from CLAPOP without having to log in again (SSO). You can login to CLAPOP using your CLARIN website account (CLARIN homeless IdP) or your own institute's account, if your institute is connected to the CLARIN federation. Optionally CLAPOP also allows special CLARIN users as editors and website managers to login directly to the CLAPOP website. It is advised to use the federated login option for all normal use and obtain an account at the CLARIN website if your own institute is not connected to CLARIN federation. If you already have a CLAPOP account enabled, for instance by having used the CLARIN IdP of the European CLARIN web site to login, CLAPOP will notice you using the same email address.