AutoSearch allows users to upload corpora annotated at the token level for (extended) part of speech, lemma and word form in FoLiA or TEI format, after which the corpus can be searched for these properties with a Corpus of Contemporary Dutch-like interface


AutoSearch allows users to define one or more corpora and upload data for the corpora, after which the corpora will be made automatically searchable in a private workspace. Users can upload text data annotated with lemma + part of speech tags in TEI or FoLiA format, either as a single XML file or as an archive (zip or tar.gz) containing several XML files. Corpus size is limited to begin with (25 MB limit per uploaded file; 500,000 token limit for an entire corpus), but these limits may be increased at a later point in time. The search application is powered by the INL BlackLab corpus search engine. The search interface is the same as the one used in for example the Corpus of Contemporary Dutch / Corpus Hedendaags Nederlands. For Dutch corpora without such annotations, one can first use TTNWW to enrich plain text with annotations for lemma and part of speech in FoLiA format.

  • Project leader: Jan Theo Bakker 

  • CLARIN center: Institute for Dutch Lexicology (INL)
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