Centre type

NIBG: Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

The NIBG is responsible for the long-term preservation of Dutch audiovisual heritage as defined by the Dutch government. The NIBG offers its services to diverse user groups. A major group are television professionals, such as producers, broadcasters and directors looking for reusable shots. The second user group is comprised of people from science and education: historians and communication scientists study the material in the archives; students and teachers from primary and secondary schools use the material to illustrate or clarify their lessons. This is the user group that will benefit from NIBG as a CLARIN Data Provider. A third user group consists of people with a general interest in a programme or a topic, who use the NIBG corporate website to access the archives from their homes.
NIBG currently gives access to the "Academia collection" in a CLARIN compatible way.

Contact details

Name: Johan Oomen
Postal Address: P.O. Box 1060 1200 BB Hilversum, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 35 677 5555
Fax: +31 35 677 3307
E-mail: Johan Oomen