CLARIAH Tools and Services

Title Version Research Phase Tool task Tool Type Research domain Linguistic Subject Input Language Input format Tool status CLARIN National Project CLARIN centre
Arthurian Fiction Browsing and Searching searching, browsing web application Literary Studies Language independent published CLARIN-NL Huygens ING
CMD2RDF Publishing Data / Software searching, browsing web application General Language independent text/xml released CLARIN-NL, CLARIAH-CORE Meertens/HuC
COAVA Browsing and Searching, Data analysis corpus searching, browsing, analysis, visualisation, other web application Linguistics Dialectology, Lexicology, historical linguistics, language acquisition Dutch published CLARIN-NL Meertens/HuC
DSS Browsing and Searching semantic registry and mapping, searching, browsing web application History Dutch released CLARIN-NL Huygens ING
DuELME LMF Browsing and Searching browsing, dictionary searching web application Linguistics Lexicology, Syntax Dutch published CLARIN-NL Dutch Language Institute
MIGMAP Data analysis searching, browsing, visualisation, analysis web application Linguistics, History Dialectology, Onomatology, Sociolinguistics Dutch published CLARIN-NL Meertens/HuC
SHEBANQ Browsing and Searching, Data analysis corpus exploration, corpus searching, browsing, analysis, visualisation web application Linguistics, Religion Studies historical linguistics, Syntax, Morpho-syntax Hebrew, Aramaic published CLARIN-NL DANS
Taalportaal 1.2 Obtaining Data / Software, Browsing and Searching, Consulting Literature searching, browsing web application Linguistics Syntax, Morphology, Phonology Dutch, (West) Frisian, Afrikaans published CLARIN-NL Dutch Language Institute
VK Browsing and Searching corpus searching, browsing web application History, Political Studies Dutch published CLARIN-NL Meertens/HuC
VLO Obtaining Data / Software, Publishing Data / Software browsing, searching, semantic registry and mapping web application General Language independent published CLARIN-NL Hosted by CLARIN ERIC